NSO Preceptorials

The following are recordings for some of Preceptorials that were held on August 27, 2020.

Contemplative Social Movements

During the summer of 2020 Americans took to the streets in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. The nationwide energy and fervor was palpable. This preceptorial looks back at past social movements and past activists like Cesar Chavez, Gandhi, Dorothy Day, Martin Luther King and others, locating the contemplative practices that rooted each individual and the movement they fostered. What can we learn about wellness and social activism to guide this moment? We will both discuss and engage in a contemplative practice. This NSO Preceptorial was filmed on August 27, 2020.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Penn: An Embarrassment of (VIrtual) Riches

Innovation is a major initiative for President Gutmann's Penn Compact 2022 as well as all of the University's schools. Penn has a wealth of resources to allow students to learn about, invent, explore, and implement entrepreneurial concepts. In spite of the pandemic, innovation & entreprenurship is thriving across Penn. Learn about the programs and resources available to students and some of the amazing ventures created at Penn. This NSO Preceptorial was filmed on August 27, 2020.

Introduction to Penn Libraries Research Guides

What is a LibGuide and how do I find one that's relevant to my information need? Just as there are subject librarians for every discipline at Penn, there are library research guides, or, LibGuides, that feature a multitude of different resources and fields of study. Find out how to navigate and make the most of them. (15 minutes) This NSO Preceptorial was filmed on August 27, 2020.

Intro to Gender Equity at Penn

This preceptorial will be an introduction to gender equity at Penn. We will be covering what it means to be an intersectional feminist, an overview of groups at Penn doing gender equity and other activist work (such as 6B), what current groups are pushing for within the gender equity and related spheres, and resources to get involved with gender equity and activism at Penn. While this will be a presentation, we will also try to include participation such as polling and chat functions on zoom. This NSO Preceptorial was filmed on August 27, 2020.

The Kislak Center Unmasked

The Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts preserves thousands of documents, books, and artifacts dating from the ancient world to our own moment. Join Kislak staff for a brief virtual tour of some highlights, and a discussion of ways that students can do original research in our collections. Students in any field and at any level, undergraduate and graduate, welcome! This NSO Preceptorial was filmed on August 27, 2020.

Introduction to Value Investing

The Wharton Investing & Trading Group will be hosting an intro to value investing workshop for anyone interested in learning more about finance and investing. In the workshop, we'll be discussing the conceptual process involved in making an investment decision as well as an overview of the required technical skills. We will also go over opportunities available for freshmen who are interested in investing or would like to pursue a career in finance. There will be leftover time in the end for open Q&A about anything Penn-related. This NSO Preceptorial was filmed on August 27, 2020.

Researching Public Opinion and Elections: The PORES Student Research Fellowships

Excited about the upcoming election? Interested in doing research? Join the Penn Program on Opinion Research and Election Studies (PORES) to hear how you can get involved in doing election related research early in your Penn career. Two faculty and student research teams will share their experiences working on original research together. This session is designed for anyone interested in developing social science research skills! We’ll have time for Q&A at the end of this session as well. This NSO Preceptorial was filmed on August 27, 2020.

ΑΔΦ Society -An All Gender Inclusive Literary Society

Interested in Greek life but single-gender Greek chapters feel exclusive? Join Alpha Delta Phi Society for a preceptorial to learn how we "Greek differently"! One of two gender-inclusive Greek chapters at Penn, ADPS has members across all four undergraduate schools with various gender identities, sexualities, and interests. We are a close-knit community, and our members can be found watching movies and playing games together after a local rally or a meeting about anti-violence prevention. We also have an extensive alumni network! See adps.org. This NSO Preceptorial was filmed on August 27, 2020.

Resources All Freshmen Should Know About - Learn with Penn Labs

Learn more about some of the best course-related resources for Penn students, including Penn Mobile, Penn Course Review, and Penn Clubs! We'll begin with an introduction of Penn Labs, the student group of developers, designers, and business people behind these products, before diving into some short live demos of our most popular resources. We'll also leave time to answer any remaining questions students may have about our products or our organization at the end! To learn more about our products in advance, visit www.pennlabs.org. This NSO Preceptorial was filmed on August 27, 2020.

Pre-med at Penn Pictionary

We are Phi Delta Epsilon, a pre-medical fraternity on campus. We are planning a medical pictionary game where the prompts will be interwoven with elements of the pre-med experience at Penn. Our goals for this event are twofold: 1) attendees will be able to meet upperclassmen pre-meds and hear about our experiences with the various resources and opportunities at Penn; and 2) attendees will be able to meet and connect with other first-years thinking about the pre-medical path. This NSO Preceptorial was filmed on August 27, 2020.

Introverts at Penn: How to (Quietly) Succeed at College

It seems like universities are built for extraverts: group projects, presentations, networking, the social scene. But introverts go to college too. How can introverts navigate extraverted structures and expectations over the next four years? We will take a closer look at what introversion is and what it is not. We will examine how introversion may be perceived as a weakness, when in fact it’s a strength that aligns well with being a learner. Finally, we will brainstorm strategies that make the most of their talents at Penn. This NSO Preceptorial was filmed on August 27, 2020.

Penn in Washington

Want to learn more about Penn in Washington? Wondering if D.C. is for you? Questions about the semester in Washington? On-campus programming? Join the program's director, Deirdre Martinez, for an informal Q&A session. This NSO Preceptorial was filmed on August 27, 2020.

Understanding the Legacy of the Civil Rights Movement: Sharing Insights and Opportunities for Action

“Our goal is to create a beloved community, and this will require a qualitative change in our souls, as well as, a quantitative change in our lives.” - Martin Luther King, Jr. / The U.S. Civil Rights Movement is one of the most pivotal movements of the 20th century. As we experience continued systemic inequalities and persistent efforts today to roll back basic freedoms, this session will provide an opportunity to learn how students and alumni from Penn’s Greenfield Intercultural Center have utilized knowledge from the Civil Rights movement to build contemporary movements for change – locally, nationally and globally. This NSO Preceptorial was filmed on August 27, 2020.

Is Greek Life Right For Me?

Curious about Fraternity & Sorority Life at Penn and questioning if it is right or not for you? We hold many identities as individuals, this session is to explore and connect with others who have shared identities and have real talk about their experiences in Fraternity & Sorority Life at Penn. The Diversity and Inclusion Board within OFSL is hosting this session to help students with marginalized identities ask the hard questions and hear from active members in fraternity and sororities at Penn. This NSO Preceptorial was filmed on August 27, 2020.

We're Here, We're Queer: Exploring Penn's LGBTQ+ Community

Join the LGBT Center and Lambda Alliance to learn about Penn and Philadelphia's LGBTQ+ communities. We'll provide some background and information and then open it up for Q&A with current undergrads and Center staff. Come find out how to connect in this out of the norm year! This NSO Preceptorial was filmed on August 27, 2020.

TikTok Ban and Social Media Data Privacy - Polybian Society Symposium

Should TikTok be banned? What should change in our personal and public perceptions about data privacy on social media? We will discuss these questions and more in Polybian society's NSO symposium. Polybian brings together students from across the political spectrum and organizes informal discussions. Everyone gets to speak and we are open to discuss the wildest of topics in a curious and respectful ways. This NSO Preceptorial was filmed on August 27, 2020.

Navigating Business in the COVID-19 World

We will have Daily Pennsylvanian alumni from various industries like media, consulting, banking, technology, graphic design etc speak about how their jobs have been affected by COVID-19 and what they think the future of work is. This NSO Preceptorial was filmed on August 27, 2020.

Intro to Effective Altruism

As new students at Penn, all of you are in a position to make a positive impact on the world. Effective Altruism (EA) aims to help you optimize that impact, and do more good with the resources you have available. In this introductory meeting, we’ll discuss some of the core philosophy and big ideas of EA, as well as the ways you can personally make an impact through your career and giving decisions. We will also talk about Penn EA’s plans for this semester, and how you can get involved by hosting a discussion or joining our leadership team. This NSO Preceptorial was filmed on August 27, 2020.

On the Nuclear Brink: An Interactive Crisis Simulation

The year is 2024. What would you do if there was an emerging crisis, beginning in Lithuania, that evolves into a broader U.S.—Russia confrontation? How do you balance aiding NATO allies, achieving US national security interests, and preventing nuclear war? In this preceptorial, you will participate in a live, interactive crisis simulation in which you will work with a team to provide policy guidance to the US President as a nuclear crisis unfolds. No background or prior knowledge is needed! This NSO Preceptorial was filmed on August 27, 2020.

The Core Four: Assembling Your Ac-cess Team at Penn

Assembling an academic success (Ac-cess) team early this semester is a must! So join us, first, for a panel discussion with a professor/TA, Weingarten Center learning specialist, tutor, and Weingarten Ambassador as they define academic success and engage an interesting student case study! Then, work with your peers in groups to complete a second case study, considering how instructional teams, academic support staff, and peers can be powerful members of your Ac-cess team at Penn! This NSO Preceptorial was filmed on August 27, 2020.

Intro to Image Editing with Photopea

Let’s edit our photos with Photopea, a totally free, online photo editor! This workshop is designed for students who are totally new to digital image-editing and just need a straightforward and practical way to get started. We will learn to navigate the workspace, adopt non-destructive editing techniques, and understand common image file types. Explore how to adjust the tonal range in your photographs, try out selective color editing, and more! This NSO Preceptorial was filmed on August 27, 2020.

Incoming Varsity Student-Athlete Information

This preceptorial is designed to orient incoming varsity student-athletes. Penn Athletics will deliver valuable information in order to make the transition to Penn as a varsity student-athlete smooth. Members of the Penn Athletics Center for Student-Athlete Success will present important information regarding academic services, personal enrichment, and professional development. All incoming varsity student-athletes are strongly encouraged to attend. This NSO Preceptorial was filmed on August 27, 2020.

Meet and Theat!

This preceptorial will introduce incoming Penn students to the 7 groups that comprise TAC-e, or the Theatre Arts Council. Moderated by TAC-e Chair Adam First, this preceptorial will feature leaders from each of the 7 theatre groups who will share about what their group has to offer. In addition, after the incoming students have heard from the group leaders, they will have the opportunity to ask questions, mingle, and add their names to a listserv that will provide them with information regarding auditions and events in the theatre community. This NSO Preceptorial was filmed on August 27, 2020.