NSO Preceptorials
Pre-recorded Session Information

The following are pre-recorded Preceptorials that will be available to view at your convenience from August 25-30. Can't find a link? Try refreshing the page!

Becoming an Informed Global Citizen: Welcome to Perry World House

Perry World House (PWH) serves as Penn’s hub for global policy and international affairs. PWH has committed itself to preparing students to be well-informed, engaged global citizens by providing them with opportunities to interact directly with policymakers and global leaders through our workshops, colloquia, events, House Committee, and Graduate Associates and World House Student Fellows deep-engagement programs. This preceptorial will introduce you to Perry World House and the many opportunities for students to get involved. Endorsed by the Year of Civic Engagement.

Decoding Public Opinion and Analyzing Elections: Penn Program on Opinion Research and Election Studies (PORES)

The Penn Program on Opinion Research and Election Studies (PORES) is an undergraduate research program committed to understanding political outcomes in the United States. We provide undergraduate students valuable training in survey research and data analysis through specialized courses, one-on-one mentoring, and hands-on instruction. Join this virtual session to learn more about our fellowships, minor in Survey Research & Data Analytics, and other experiential learning opportunities. Endorsed by the Year of Civic Engagement.

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Getting Involved: Service and Research Fellowships with Fox Leadership

The Robert A. Fox Leadership Program sponsors a number of service & research fellowships for undergraduate students. Fellows are provided the unique opportunity to work directly with innovative leaders at the forefront of non-profit & public sector organizations. Learn about how you can get involved with Fox Leadership in this virtual session. You will hear directly from students who have completed Fox fellowships with organizations including the Brookings Institution, CHILD USA, the Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger, & Girls, Inc.! Endorsed by the Year of Civic Engagement.

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Intro to Ballroom Dancing

Ever wanted to learn a little bit of cha cha cha or tango? Join the Penn Latin and Ballroom Team! Our organization welcomes all - from beginner to advanced dancers! We offer weekly lessons where we teach dances such as rumba and waltz! Learn a cool routine and perform in our spring showcase! Come with us to collegiate tournaments all throughout the tri-state area. No experience or partner necessary! Visit the following link for more info: https://tinyurl.com/pennballroom

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Introduction to Personal Finance

In your first year at Penn, you’ll probably experience financial freedom for the first time, which can be both empowering and intimidating. We’re here to help! Join Financial Wellness @ Penn for a crash course on personal finance. In this Preceptorial, we’ll cover the basics of financial goal setting, budgeting, credit, and investing.

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Introduction to Practicing a Rule of Life

The UPenn CCO will be hosting the Rule of Life community this fall. A rule of life is a framework of spiritual habits - like prayer, meditating on scripture, and community - that provides structure amid the turbulence of life, enabling students to thrive spiritually even in challenging circumstances. This preceptorial will give an intro to the concept of a rule of life and inform students how they can apply to be a continuing part of the Rule of Life community this fall.

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Let’s Roll Sushi!

Learn the histories of Japanese sushi—how did it develop, what are the various styles, what comprises proper etiquette for eating sushi, and why has it become so popular abroad—while making your own rolls. You will receive a grocery list and recipe (vegetarian/vegan friendly), follow along in your own kitchen by video as we make sushi at home, and join a live follow-up chat to share your creations and questions.

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Living the Humanities: The Hidden Freedom of the Intellectual Life

In this clip from a lecture hosted by Collegium Institute at Penn last year, Prof. Zena Hitz explores the hidden freedom of the life of the mind. No matter your field of study, we invite you to reflect with Prof. Hitz on the benefits of "living the humanities" and how the intellectual life can flourish outside of the classroom, even—or especially—in times of social isolation. Tune into this preceptorial to learn more, and if you find it interesting, join Collegium Institute for a follow-up discussion on September 3. See the attached PDF for more information.

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Marketing Research - Wharton Behavioral Lab

Earn Amazon gift cards! The Wharton Behavioral Laboratory (WBL) provides a variety of services that support data collection for behavioral research on business-related topics. During the Fall semester, we will be running online studies where anyone can participate. Students will not only help research but also earn gift cards.

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My Life, My Story - The Veteran Experience

Who are our country's veterans? We look to capture our veterans' voices through interviewing them and writing their stories. These stories give us a glimpse into their lives, their experiences, and the events that shaped them into the people they are today. Come listen to the story of the highest ranking woman in the military at the time she retired, as well as the story of a student veteran right here at Penn.

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PA101: Global Opportunities at Penn

Interested in short-term, semester, or summer opportunities abroad during your time at Penn? PA101 is designed to help you explore Penn Abroad's programs, understand how each program works including academics, financial considerations, when to start planning, and how to apply.

Possibilities Into Realities: Exploring Career Services as a College Student

In this brief video, you will learn how to make the most of your time at Penn to advance your career opportunities as a College of Arts & Sciences student. Whether you are just getting started with exploring possible paths or already know what you think you'd like to pursue, we will share tips for year-by-year planning, and show you our best kept secrets for leveraging our resources to help get a head start on your own personalized career journey.

Social Change Model for Leadership Development in Fraternity & Sorority Life at Penn

Learn more about leadership development within Fraternity and Sorority Life and how Penn uses the Social Change Model for Leadership Development to build change agents. Leadership is a key component of Fraternity and Sorority Life. Members develop skills while serving in roles in their organization. The Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life has many leadership programs it hosts for these leaders, utilizing the Social Change Model to help develop members' skills to use their leadership in their organization to create positive change. Endorsed by the Year of Civic Engagement.

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Sustainable Development Goals @ Penn

As a major research university, Penn has a responsibility to uphold the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2030 Agenda. Wait, what even are the SDGs? And why does Penn have to advance them? We will explore what the SDGs are and what Penn has been doing. At the end, we will show how YOU can get involved at the intersection of SDGs and entrepreneurship! Endorsed by the Year of Civic Engagement.

Take a Break and Dance with PENNaach!

Come dance with PENNaach, Penn’s premier all-female South Asian fusion dance team! After introducing ourselves, we’ll warm up with some stretches and dive right into an easy-to-learn dance routine, featuring our own choreography from past shows. We’ll finish with a quick cool-down stretch and give you a chance to learn more about our team. No prior dance experience is necessary and all skill levels are welcome. Join us for a quick workout during NSO to get your heart pumping!

Welcome to Penn Catholic Newman Center

The Penn Catholic Newman Center has 125 years of legacy on campus. Students find inspiration in St. John Henry Newman’s “Heart speaks to heart” in building an authentic community, centered in the Faith and long-lasting friendship. Website: newman.upenn.edu Contact: Nelson Villamor, Campus Minister, vine@newman.upenn.edu

Young Life Skeptic's Dinner Discussion Group

A discussion group led by students to honestly assess different opinions about world views, ideologies, and life questions.

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