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New Student Orientation Preceptorials - informal, non-credit seminars on assorted topics - offered a unique way for first-year students to “Zoom in at Penn” and take a closer look at the cultural, social, and intellectual environment at Penn during NSO 2020. This year, all NSO Preceptorials took place in a virtual format, both synchronously and asynchronously. See below to browse through our archived catalog of offered sessions. Preceptorials are available to view on this website, and on NSOAI's YouTube Channel.

View Now - Becoming an Informed Global Citizen: Welcome to Perry World HouseView Now - Decoding Public Opinion and Analyzing Elections: Penn Program on Opinion Research and Election Studies (PORES)View Now - Getting Involved: Service and Research Fellowships with Fox LeadershipView Now - Intro to Ballroom DancingView Now - Introduction to Personal FinanceView Now - Introduction to Practicing a Rule of LifeView Now - Let’s Roll Sushi!View Now - Living the Humanities: The Hidden Freedom of the Intellectual LifeView Now - Marketing Research - Wharton Behavioral LabView Now - My Life, My Story - The Veteran ExperienceView Now - PA101: Global Opportunities at PennView Now - Possibilities Into Realities: Exploring Career Services as a College StudentView Now - Social Change Model for Leadership Development in Fraternity & Sorority Life at PennView Now - Sustainable Development Goals @ PennView Now - Take a Break and Dance with PENNaach!View Now - Welcome to Penn Catholic Newman CenterView Now - Young Life Skeptic's Dinner Discussion Group8/25 - Future Trends and Opportunities in The Pharmaceutical Industry8/25 - Digital Humanities at Penn8/25 - Pre-Med at Penn: Getting off to a Good Start8/25 - Food Justice and Urban Farming8/25 - Comedy in the Age of Corona8/25 - TikTok And the Future of US-China Technology Competition8/25 - Toothpaste Spitting Skills: Training and Competition8/25 - Get outside at Penn: your guide to green spaces on campus, the Morris Arboretum and beyond8/25 - Thriving in College8/25 - Meeting Godzilla and the Planet of Monsters8/25 - Remote Organizing for Climate Justice Workshop8/25 - SMAC TIME!8/25 - Penn Club Sports: Ultimate Frisbee at Penn (Venoid Edition)8/25 - The "Civic Ivy" in the Wake of BLM8/25 - Intro to Penn Student Agencies: Businesses for Students by Students8/26 - Welcome to the Penn Catholic Newman Center!8/26 - Socrates on College8/26 - Learning From World Leaders: The Future of Human Rights in Age of COVID-198/26 - Virtual Mindfulness Workshop8/26 - Russian/Soviet Movies8/26 - Make Your Mark: How to Write Your Penn Story8/26 - Survival Skills, Stories, Possibly S'mores, and Choose Your Own Adventure8/26 - Less Stress, More Success8/26 - Knowledge for Social Change: Introduction to Community Engagement at Penn8/26 - The Giving Game8/26 - Finding Campus Community in a Crazy Year8/26 - Asian & Asian American Community Involvement in Get Out the Vote Efforts8/26 - One Body: Christian Community in the Midst of a Pandemic8/26 - Credit & Debit Cards | How To Finesse The System8/26 - Learn to Dance with Penn Dhamaka8/26 - Let's Talkapella8/26 - The Ultimate (Frisbee) Club Sport: Venoid8/26 - The Danger of a Single FGLI Narrative8/26 - Hip-Hop Workshop with Penn Hype Dance Crew8/27 - Contemplative Social Movements8/27 - Intro to Penn Student Agencies: Businesses for Students by Students8/27 - Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Penn: An Embarrassment of (VIrtual) Riches8/27 - Intro to Gender Equity Clubs at Penn8/27 - Meet the MSA!8/27 - Introduction to Penn Libraries Research Guides8/27 - Introduction to Value Investing8/27 - How to Writers House8/27 - Researching Public Opinion and Elections: The PORES Student Research Fellowships8/27 - On the Nuclear Brink: An Interactive Crisis Simulation8/27 - ΑΔΦ Society -An All Gender Inclusive Literary Society8/27 - The Kislak Center Unmasked8/27 - Resources All Freshmen Should Know About - Learn with Penn Labs8/27 - Pre-med at Penn Pictionary8/27 - Introverts at Penn: How to (Quietly) Succeed at College8/27 - Intro to Restorative Justice and Restorative Practices at Penn8/27 - Intro to Image Editing with Photopea8/27 - Incoming Varsity Student-Athlete Information8/27 - Intro to Effective Altruism8/27 - Survival Skills: Intermediate Course in Arctic Survival and Sea Otter Husbandry8/27 - Penn in Washington8/27 - Understanding the Legacy of the Civil Rights Movement: Sharing Insights and Opportunities for Action 8/27 - Is Greek Life Right For Me?8/27 - Navigating Business in the COVID-19 World8/27 - Penn Aerospace Club Info Session (Aircraft Team)8/27 - TikTok Ban and Social Media Data Privacy - Polybian Scoiety Symposium8/27 - We're Here, We're Queer: Exploring Penn's LGBTQ+ Community8/27 - Penn Traditions Prize Pursuit8/27 - Meet and Theat!8/27 - Why is life so hard? Discussion with ABSK8/28 - An Outdoorsy Mixer: Survival and Shmoozing with UPOC, the UPenn Outdoors Club8/28 - Save the Sea Lion: Community Science in the Galápagos Archipelago8/28 - Getting Started in Research and Fellowships8/28 - Business 1018/28 - Penn Student Writers: a reading hosted by the Kelly Writers House & Creative Writing Program8/28 - You Are More Than Enough: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome8/28 - Comedy 1018/28 - Thought for Food: The Development and Trajectory of Modern AgriBusiness8/28 - Get to Know GlobeMed8/28 - Persistent Native/Indigenous Representation at Penn8/28 - Why go Greek?8/28 - Journalism in the COVID-19 World8/28 - DAC The Night Away!8/28 - The Ultimate (Frisbee) Club Sport: Venoid Edition8/28 - ABSK Bible Study8/28 - Ave! The Classics Undergraduate Groups8/28 - A Glimpse of Greek Life with the Brothers of DKE8/29 - Penn Masti - Co Ed fusion dance team8/29 - Getting a Head Start8/29 - Data Analytics & Visualization in Civic Engagement8/29 - Social Planning and Events Committee (SPEC)8/29 - Pan-Asian Dance Troupe: Meet & Greet and Workshop8/29 - Underrepresented @ SEAS: Student Panel8/29 - All About Penn Symphony Orchestra8/29 - SPEC Film Movie Night8/29 - Penn Rotaract: Learn How to Get Involved and Volunteer Virtually8/30 - Supporting Your Peers - A Discussion with Reach-A-Peer Helpline8/30 - Campus Organizing Around Civic Engagement8/30 - How Do We Know that Science is True?8/30 - Manāna - Virtually Volunteering with Children in Philadelphia8/30 - Climate Change over the 21st century: a quick overview8/30 - Opioid Overdose and Reversal (Naloxone/Narcan) Training8/30 - Penn Barbell Club Presents: Physical Fitness at Penn8/30 - The College Survival Nutrition Guide